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About BVS

BVS Performance Solutions is dedicated to helping financial institutions enhance their customer and member service, employee satisfaction and profitability through training and technology.

Over the last 30 years, we have helped more than 1,000 FIs successfully navigate the major industry changes that have taken place. Today, we continue to support them with the latest tools needed to manage the ongoing and accelerating transformation of branch banking.

By focusing solely on financial services, BVS has built a deep understanding of what drives customer relationships, what makes staff efficient and effective, and what makes FIs successful. With offices in Cedar Rapids, Tucson and Toronto, BVS is known for delivering the most comprehensive and cost-effective training solutions for community and regional banks.

As experts in adult learning and the financial industry, BVS was the first to deliver training to financial institutions through video courseware. We also pioneered the electronic delivery of training to banks and credit unions on the Internet. Through it all, we've never wavered from our commitment to providing financial institutions with the most effective training, information delivery, and reporting solutions possible.

Because all of our services are developed and supported in-house — from determining latest trends in financial services, to developing content and creating tools, to having our own on-staff compliance experts — you will always be assured of a fully integrated solution and timely expert support.

In addition to internal staff programs, BVS offers QuickLearn, a fully customizable, online financial education program designed to make customers and members more satisfied and more profitable.

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to the opportunity to help you decide if BVS is right for you.

Our Team

Roy Karon, President
About Roy

As the founder and visionary leader of BVS, Roy has a long-standing commitment to the success of the financial industry and, in particular, BVS clients. For more than 30 years, Roy has worked to uncover and meet the needs of BVS clients by assembling a world-class team to create and deliver the highest quality products. Roy's guiding principle: under promise and over deliver.

Robin Crawford, Executive Vice President, Account Management Group
About Robin

Robin firmly believes that continuous learning is critical at every level of an organization. She and her team are dedicated to that goal and to providing BVS subscribers with "the best customer experience in North America." With over 25 years of experience in senior level bank and credit union management, Robin draws upon that experience to inspire a client support model that is responsive to both customer needs and the regulatory environment.

Carl Swanson, Chief Technology Officer
About Carl

For over 30 years Carl has focused on creating and improving every feature of BVS products. He leads a team of detailed-thinking, experienced application developers. Putting themselves in the shoes of our users, they examine every aspect of our functionality, striving to create tools that are efficient, user friendly, and best in class.

Kevin Yardley, Vice President, Design, Learning & Development
About Kevin

Kevin's background in design led him from the world of commercial and corporate media to financial training at BVS. Growing from his position as course designer, he now coordinates the design of all BVS training products. Well-constructed instructional design that marries creativity with usability is his passion. With a focus on using interactive tools to enhance the learning process, Kevin keeps a keen eye on advances in the world of online training.

Phyllis Simon, Director, Sales and Marketing
About Phyllis

Could there be a more terrific job than searching for unique ways to communicate the benefits of BVS? Phyllis' strong background in management, training, sales and marketing — and 13 years under her BVS belt — lend itself well to ensuring that customers and prospects alike are well informed about BVS content, functionality — and possibility.

Michael Sacks, Executive Vice President, National Accounts
About Michael

Michael's 20 years' experience as a consultant in the financial services industry reinforces the BVS philosophy that institutions and individuals are unique — and there are no cookie-cutter solutions. While financial institutions may have many similarities, each institution's way of doing business requires a customized approach. The goal of Michael's team is to uncover the right solution for your institution.

Jeff Torp, BVS Compliance Director
About Jeff

As BVS Compliance Director since 2001, Jeff oversees compliance course accuracy and timeliness, delivers well-researched responses to our customers' federal compliance questions and watches over our Compliance Center resources. In a former life, Jeff served as legal counsel to the Independent Bankers of Minnesota and as senior manager of McGladrey & Pullen's regulatory risk consulting practice. He has written and taught extensively on regulatory risk, and is the author of more than a dozen books, including "Regulatory Compliance Audit Guide" and "Guide to Anti-Money Laundering and BSA."

Lynn Franklin, Vice President, Content, Learning & Development
About Lynn

The written word was Lynn's obsession long before it became her career. She came to BVS with credentials in writing and producing for electronic media and continuing education programs. Sixteen years later, she manages the development and scripting of BVS training materials that blend ingenuity and spot-on accuracy with the principles of sound instructional design.

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