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Four Oaks Bank

A Small Training Team
Makes a Big Impact

Life Before BVS

  • An unfulfilled desire to expand training

  • Manual processes creating headaches

  • Challenges in keeping material timely

A Desire to Do More

Many banks want their training programs to do more than just serve regulatory requirements. Yet, there never seems to be enough people, resources or time to make it happen.

For years, Four Oaks Bank found itself in that situation. The training team was ambitious. However, comprised of just one full-time director and two trainers, the team was too mired in administrative demands to achieve these goals.

The bank's Training Director, Pat Williams, knew that the training program could operate more efficiently. By streamlining processes, the team could free up the resource needed to expand training beyond compliance.

With this in mind, Pat and the team at Four Oaks put the BVS Dynamic Learning platform to work.

The Solution

  • Intelligent curriculum management

  • Seamless and detailed reporting

  • Powerful, up-to-date courseware

Relinquishing Tasks, Creating Capacity

The first step was reducing the time and energy required to manage curriculum assignments. The Dynamic Learning platform's self-registration capabilities enabled the training team to turn responsibility over to the bank's staff. The platform easily keeps track of all activity.

To further streamline this process, Four Oaks utilizes the skills assessment capabilities of Dynamic Learning. These assessments determine areas where individuals already possess the needed expertise and reduce their courseload accordingly.

The result: a vast amount of new capacity created for the training team. "BVS frees us up from this process and the system stays on top of who needs to be where," Williams said.

"BVS simplified our reporting processes by consolidating and automating tracking for all course types. Because of the ease and functionality of the platform, our compliance team can easily generate their own reports, which frees up even more capacity."

Focused on the Future

With more time at their disposal, the team at Four Oaks has revamped training to enhance the way staff supports business-line needs.

In recent years, Four Oaks has introduced role-specific training curriculums designed to improve customer service and overall performance. Career paths are now a part of the bank's professional development program.

Courseware has played a central role in this transformation. Training demand has ramped up, with more course requests coming from managers who want to broaden their staff's skills. Because of the vast amount of courses, curriculums and topics available in the BVS library, these needs have been easy to fulfill.

Benefits Achieved

  • Increased productivity

  • Expanded support for strategic initiatives

  • Multiple awards and praise from executives

A Bigger Business Impact

Four Oaks has made BVS Dynamic Learning an integral part of its product conversions and launches by leveraging the platform's virtual meeting capabilities.

Through virtual meetings, staff is guided through critical knowledge regarding major changes to the bank's products and services, such as a credit card provider switch or the launch of a new online banking system.

"Virtual meetings get our staff more engaged," Williams says. "I'm not sure how I would communicate these major conversions successfully without this functionality."

Training now generates more value than ever for the Four Oaks business — a fact that the bank's senior management is quick to praise. In fact, the team has been awarded the bank's annual professionalism award four times over the last eight years.

"Because of the time and resources we now have at our disposal, we're able to work more closely with the executives and ensure that the business needs are fulfilled. Our team is making a real difference. None of this would be possible without the hands-on support from BVS."