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Mascoma Bank

Getting Staff Passionate
About Training

Creating a Culture of Learning

Many bank employees like training. Some love training. But how often does an entire staff say that training is the one of the best parts of working with their bank?

At Mascoma Bank, a vibrant professional development culture has emerged. Staff participation in the program is high. People join the bank because the training opportunities are superior. In the bank's annual internal culture survey, training ranks as the number one aspect of working there.

Why do Mascoma's employees enjoy training? Because the program's depth and quality - all enhanced by BVS - represent a true investment in their development.

What Makes the Professional Development
Program Exciting?

  • Intelligent, engaging content

  • Interactive styles of learning

  • Improved retention of knowledge

A Better Learning Experience

Since taking on BVS over a decade ago, Mascoma Bank has consistently expanded its professional development program to cover a wider variety of business areas and offer more certificate programs.

But the real difference has come in the evolution of how content is structured and delivered. In moving courses to a webinar format, for example, the bank has emulated face-to-face engagement in a more convenient place.

"BVS has helped us deliver a more well-rounded experience to our team," says Sheryl McDevitt, AVP of Talent Management at Mascoma Bank. "We can offer better content in a variety of ways."

"With BVS, we are able to provide knowledge to our team in a manner that best suits their learning style. This makes a great difference in how our employees are retaining what they are seeing and reading."

Customizable, Engaging Content

Along with expanding formats and areas of coverage, Mascoma has continuously focused on ensuring that training content is relevant, insightful and up-to-date.

"BVS has helped us improve the quality of our content in many different ways," says McDevitt. "There is so much bank-specific content available on the platform - this is exactly what we need as we grow."

"Likewise, BVS has been instrumental in helping us create custom courses, utilizing our content. We don't have the expertise that BVS does in terms of turning our ideas into engaging courses and making them look great."

"As our training expertise grows and as we work with the experts at BVS, our content continues to get better and better. As a result, our employees continue to get more and more out of it."

Better Onboarding, Stronger Culture

As the bank has expanded in recent years, the training program has played a pivotal role in ingraining new staff into Mascoma's customer-centric culture.

According to McDevitt: "Our bank focuses on mutuality and a real emphasis on the community. We developed such a robust training program because we wanted our employees to feel just as close to the organization."

"As our bank has grown, we've relied on the training program to improve the way we onboard new staff and help them understand why we do what we do. The BVS team has helped immensely in getting our people up to speed."

How Does Training Culture Improve Operations?

  • Higher employee satisfaction

  • Better performance

  • Attracts higher caliber individuals

The Returns of Investing in Staff

Over time, the vibrant training culture at Mascoma has turned into somewhat of a competitive advantage for the bank.

The abundance of professional development courses, namely in management, leadership and skills-building, helps encourage staff retention, elevates employee satisfaction and improves on-the-job performance. When Mascoma does its annual internal culture survey, 'training opportunities' often rank as the #1 quality of working with the bank.

In addition, the bank finds itself getting better at attracting new talent. More and more, the bank is being approached by individuals who want development opportunities that their current institutions can't offer.

"BVS definitely delivers value for our investment. We wouldn't be able to offer the same options or quality that we do. I don't think we would have the strong training culture we do now without this partnership."